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10 June, 2020

Readers, this is about as influencery as I get! But, what can i say, I BELIEVE in this stuff!

Once a year or so I join with a bunch of other authors to bundle our books up and offer little libraries around certain topics. I love being part of these bundles because they are a HUGE win win. As readers you get access to a whole bunch of great resources for a vast, vast discount and us authors get to put our work in front of other people. Writing as a job can feel a bit  of a grind, (the writing bit is awesome but the selling books bit not so!) so I am so grateful for this opportunity.

HENCE! This week is like “the week of the library bundles!” These offers are only available until FRIDAY! Yikeserooney. Once you download these you have access to them either through your phone, computer or ipad til the End of Days.

Self Care Mini Bundle
My own book “Soulful cycle: a creative menstrual cycle journal” is in this bundle. There are loads and loads of brilliant things in here from mindfulness to resilience to anxiety resources. The years worth of affirmations are brill and I use them everyday (I am a massive manta fan! It’s true!) There’s an ecourse in the neuroscience of accessing your dream life (I am living for the gold nuggets in here) and also lots on taking self care beyond the bath tub, creating a life that aligns with your values.
(Please forgive the weight loss stuff, I would not include those if I was the boss here.)
It’s all available for a tiny fraction of the price of the whole lot. Have a look at the bundle here.

Work from Home Bundle
Jeez louise, pals, this resource is EPIC.  I get asked alot about how I make my work work. Honestly? It’s been a six year long learning curve. Only last year did I begin to really embrace my worth, and put into place good business practice that mean things are sustainable now.
This Work From Home Mini Bundle has *so* many things that would have accelerated my path hugely. From how to gain confidence in front of the camera, to time management, to building confidence as a writer, to strategies for creating an authentic online presence to actually finding jobs that you can do from home. (Gamechanging for unschool parents.) Highly highly recommend if you are either thinking about transitioning to working from home or some way along your solo entrepreneur path and need a boost.  Take a look here.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
This is probably my favourite of all the bundles because it’s so far reaching. It has stacks of inspiring recipe books from good wholesome food to natural beauty recipes. There’s tonnes of books and ecourses that just totally demystify topics that can be incredibly complicated. But most of all, the resources that are my faves are the homesteading, sustainability guides – from keeping chickens, to fermenting, to starting gardens to raising seeds. I got my Healthy Living bundle three years go and still refer to it today.
Check it out here.

So, yeah, if you are not in the mood for all this, I understand. I really, really do.

If, however, you are feeling like you want a little injection of inspo or motivation these bundles have your name ALL OVER THEM.

Lots and lots of love,

Lucy x

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